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Engagement session at Chapel Vitaleta in Tuscany

Jan 11, 2021

Thrilled to be featured today on Wedding Sparrow

Is there a more romantic place in the world than Tuscany?
The iconic Chapel Vitaleta in the rolling hills of Tuscany provided the dreamiest backdrop for the photo session of this beautiful couple Ilaria and Tommaso. The views during golden hour over the Tuscan countryside were absolutely breathtaking. A perfect place and moment to enjoy a romantic picnic with delicious Tuscan wine and yummie food. And of course, we had to add an Italian vespa to the photo session to have some fun with.

Thanks to:

Photographer: Alexandra Vonk
Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab
Project planning & styling: Tuscan Tours and Weddings
Floral Design & Styling: Corcortez
Styling: Tuscany Wine Food Adventures
Stationery: Pen to Paper
Vespa: Slowhills  
Styling Mat: Marry & lilo 
Ribbon: Corcortez 


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