You and I share many similarities.
We are seekers of beauty, world travellers, and lovers of old world European elegance and Italian cuisine.
But most importantly, we pour our hearts into celebrating love and seeking meaningful connections with those around us.

As a child I was obsessed with old world beauty. The Louvre in Paris, The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Petra in Jordan. I wanted to travel to all these beautiful historical places and see it all. It was no wonder that I began my career as a travel agent. Whilst I really loved to advise my clients, I yearned to be part of something more meaningful.  

european wedding photographer

I am an Artist, Romantic at heart and Storyteller...

It was our own wedding experience, back in 2011, that sparked my passion for wedding photography. Our wedding day was the most beautiful day and I loved every minute of it. Instantly I knew that weddings were the experiences with a deeper meaning what I was looking for. I wanted to capture the stories, emotions and feelings on the most beautiful locations.

Preserving the essence of your unique story, surrounded by your loved ones, is of utmost importance to me. My purpose is to craft timeless images that hold deep meaning for you, serving as cherished heirlooms to pass down through generations. By capturing your true selves and emphasizing timeless imagery, I strive to create photographs that beautifully reflect your journey and story.

a few more things you should know: 

I have been happily married to Bart since 2011 and am blessed to be a proud mom to two boys, Jorn (born in 2012) and Thijs (born in 2016). In the fall of 2022, our family grew even more with the addition of our adorable furbaby, Miss Jackie, a sweet little boomer.

Family is Everyting

Summer nights are best spend with friends, enjoying a good glass of wine and eat french cheese!!

100% Powered by Cheese Plates and Wine

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I absolutely adore chateau weddings. The architecture provides the most stunning backdrop for your once in a lifetime celebration.

Forever Inspired by Old World Architecture

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Your photos do not belong on your phone.

 I believe

I believe that your wedding photographs belong in places where you’ll see them often and be reminded of the vows you exchanged and the joy you shared on that day. They belong on your wall, in your home and in albums. Photos are taken to be printed!

Film photography is still alive.

Hybrid wedding photography combines the best of both worlds, offering a blend of timeless aesthetics achieved through film photography, enhanced by the versatility and flexibility of digital photography. This approach ensures a timeless look with the beautiful glow of light captured on film, while also providing the advantages of digital photography.

 I believe