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12 Best Locations in Paris for Your Engagement Session or Wedding Photos

Paris, a city full of romance and timeless old world beauty, is definitely one of the most captivating and photogenic cities in the world. A visit to Paris without indulging in a photoshoot would be a missed opportunity. Whether it is for your engagement, celebrating an anniversary, or capturing the magic of your wedding day. Let me help you to find the best photo locations in Paris, because in the City of Love, any occasion becomes a compelling reason to create lasting and enchanting memories through the lens. And I am more than happy to capture it for you.

Anniversary session at the best photo location in Paris, Palais Royal.

Discover the romance of Paris with my curated list of the 12 best photo locations for an unforgettable engagement session or wedding shoot. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems. This blogpost ensures breathtaking backdrops that capture the essence of your love story. Elevate your Parisian experience with these picture-perfect spots that guarantee timeless and enchanting images.

The Louvre, the most iconic photo location in Paris

The Louvre, a world-renowned art museum located in the heart of Paris, offers a spectacular backdrop for photo sessions. Its iconic glass pyramid entrance, surrounded by historic architecture, provides a striking and elegant setting. It is one of the most iconic historical buildings in the world and no matter how often I see The Louvre, it impresses me every single time.

The Louvre’s expansive courtyard, known as the Cour Napoléon, presents a grand and regal ambiance, making it an ideal spot for photosessions. The courtyard of the Louvre is closed off at night with gates and opens at 7 in the morning. Something to keep in mind, because most of the photo sessions in Paris will take place around sunrise to avoid the crowd and make use of the best possible light.

Jardin des Tuileries

Near the Louvre you will find the Jardin des Tuileries, located between Place de La Concorde and The Louvre. Because it is centrally located, the garden is great for pairing with other famous Parisian spots like the Louvre and Palais Royal. This smooth transition enhances the overall photoshoot, offering a variety of backgrounds and atmospheres. Jardin des Tuileries garden is beautiful any time of the year.

My most favorite photo location in Paris, Palais Royal

Palais Royal is another place close to The Louvre and is, I think, one of the best photo locations in Paris. It is a beautiful mix of old world beauty and modern art. The neutral colors are great for photos because they offer a timeless and elegant backdrop. I often combine this location with The Louvre and Jardin des Tuileries, concluding the photo session at Palais Royal, because it opens at 8 am.

Petit Palais

Petit Palais, translated as the “Small Palace” in French, is an architectural gem located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. This Beaux-Arts style building was constructed for the 1900 Exposition Universelle (World’s Fair) and currently serves as the City of Paris Fine Arts Museum. If you’re aiming for a royal ambiance in your engagement or wedding photos, this building will certainly provide just that. Make sure to go in the morning before they open the golden gate.

Panoramic views at photo location Pont Alexandre III in Paris

Close to the Petit Palais you can find the most beautiful bridge of Paris, Pont Alexandre III. Because these two locations are so close to each other, they are often combined. The bridge Pont Alexandre III in Paris has golden details and provides panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower

Trocadéro Square is one of the best spots to capture the Eiffel Tower. The steps and railings provide plenty of opportunities for posing, but keep in mind it can get crowded with tourists throughout the day. Because of the crowd you should do the photoshoot at Trocadéro Square right after sunrise.

Avenue de Camoëns

In my opinion, Trocadero Square tends to be quite touristy. However, if you still want to capture some shots with the Eiffel Tower, I highly recommend Avenue de Camoëns. It’s a charming Parisian street with beautiful buildings and a lovely view of the Eiffel Tower.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Another beautiful garden for engagement or wedding photos is Jardin du Luxembourg. The well-kept gardens with colorful flowers and statues make for a lovely background.

Ile Saint Louis

In the heart of Paris, in the 4th arrondissement, you can find tranquility in a calm neighborhood with the charm of a village: the island of Île Saint-Louis. Paired with the neighboring Île de la Cité, it is one of the two natural islands in the Seine River in Paris. It owes its name to King Louis IX, Saint Louis, who, according to legend, came here to pray. This area is prefect for strolls and photos along the Seine.

Unique Photo location Rodin Museum

This beautiful building is the perfect backdrop for romantic images. It has a lovely garden and some classic Paris architecture and I am truly obsessed with their Hallway.

Be aware That Any photo session organized at the Musée Rodin, must have obtained permission prior to its arrival. This may involve paying a fee, the amount of which is related to the nature of the request and the means required for the shoot.
Photo shoots take place outside of the museum’s opening hours.

You can request a permit for a photo session at Rodin Musée here.

A Parisian Café, best photo location for candid shots

Cafés are a typical theme in Paris. This is what the Parisian will do, just sit, and watch people. Cafes are the best photo locations in Paris for some candid shots. One of the most beautiful cafes is Café Le Nemours near Palais Royal.

Chateau de Chantilly

Château de Chantilly is a magnificent castle located just an hour north of Paris. Renowned for its breathtaking architecture and expansive grounds, it stands as one of the most impressive castles in the region. The château’s rich history and opulent design provide a regal backdrop, making it an ideal setting for a unique and elegant photo session. While the cost for a permit for a photo session at this property in 2023 is €380, the experience of capturing moments in this regal environment is undoubtedly worth the investment. Château de Chantilly offers a picturesque escape, transporting you to a world of timeless beauty and grandeur.

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I am curious which photo location you think is the best in Paris and If you would like to get more information about your engagement-, anniversary of wedding photo session in Paris reach out to me here. I am so excited to collaborate with you for your Parisian photo session.

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