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Tips for your honeymoon in Lake Como, Italy

As a European wedding photographer, and a former travel agent, I have seen a lot of places in Europe. Lake Como is one of the most romantic places in Europe that I have visited. If strolling through cute little towns, cruising on a boat, luxury villas and Italian food sounds like a dream, then Lake Como is definitely your honeymoon destination.  I would love to share some of my tips for your honeymoon in Lake Como.

Lake Como as your honeymoon destination.

Tips of places to visit in Lake Como

Lake Como is famous for its charming towns. Here are some tips of places to visit during your Honeymoon.


Bellagio is often referred to as “the pearl of Lake Como.” This charming town has narrow cobblestone streets, nice shops and restaurant. The restaurants offer not only a great cuisine, but also panoramic views of the lake and mountains. For a more serene experience, consider arriving before 9 am to avoid the hustle and bustle of crowds.

Tip: Visit the Melzi Gardens. The gardens offer a tranquil escape surrounded by lush greenery and scenic beauty. These gardens are located just a short walk form the harbor.

The most photographed street in Bellagio, Lake Como


Varenna, located on the eastern shore, is small town, even smaller than Bellagio. However it is one of my most favorite towns in Lake Como, because it is very charming and picturesque. A cute harbor, colorful houses and a romantic lakeside walk called “walk for lovers”, or in Italian “Passeggiata dell’Amore”, are some of the highlights.

Picturesque Varenna on the eastern shore of Lake Como


Torno is known for its charming ambiance, since it has retained its traditional Italian character with colorful houses, small squares, and a relaxed atmosphere. This town offers a peaceful escape from the busier towns around Lake Como. Therefore it is an ideal destination for those seeking tranquility and a taste of authentic Italian life.


Como is the largest town and located in the south of the Lake. Como is the capital of the province of Como and is situated about 40 kilometers north of Milan. You can enjoy boat rides on the Lake, explore the city’s historic sites, and enjoy great food in the cafes and restaurants. Como is also one of the best spots for nightlife.

Villas to visit in Lake Como

The shores of Lake Como hosts some of Italy’s most magnificent villas. These awe-inspiring architecture serve many times as breathtaking settings for films and weddings. Here are some tips of villas to visit during your Lake Como honeymoon.

Villa del Balbianello

Villa del Balbianello is an absolute must to visit during your Lake Como honeymoon. It is one of the most enchanting venues I have ever seen. The most charming way to arrive at this villa is by boat.

From the beautiful Loggia, the panoramic view is breathtaking. You’re treated to a spectacle that includes the charming villages of Bellagio and Varenna on the opposite side of the lake.

Villa Balbianello holds a distinguished reputation. Not just for its natural beauty, but also for its cinematic history, having served as a location in iconic films such as Star Wars and Casino Royale. The villa also holds a rich collection of antique furnishings and artifacts.

Please note that the villa is closed on Mondays and Wednesdays. It is strongly recommended to purchase tickets online, as only a limited number of visitors are allowed each day.

Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta is located on the western shore of Lake Como. This neoclassical villa, dating back to the late 17th century, has a beautiful botanical garden that spans over 70,000 square meters. You can enjoy exotic and indigenous plants, vibrant blooms, and centuries-old trees. Meanwhile, strolling through terraced gardens, you are treated to beautiful views of Lake Como and the surrounding mountains.

Inside the villa, you can view a remarkable collection of paintings and sculptures. The villa is a perfect harmony between architecture and nature. Because the villa attracts a large number of visitors, it is advisable to purchase tickets online in advance.

Villa Monestera

Villa Monastero is located in the charming town of Varenna and is a true historical gem. Originally a Cistercian convent in the late 12th century, the villa underwent significant transformations over the centuries.

The 19th and 20th centuries marked a period of substantial renovation. Introducing decorative and functional elements that seamlessly blended with the villa’s existing structure. The renovations were carefully executed to preserve the villa’s original character, which resulted in a harmonious integration of old and new.

The picturesque garden features a diverse array of plant species, terraced landscapes, and captivating views of Lake Como.

Today, Villa Monastero serves as a cultural and scientific center, hosting conferences, exhibitions, and events.

Villa Melzi

Villa Melzi is an elegant neoclassical villa situated in Bellagio. Built between 1808 and 1810 for Francesco Melzi d’Eril, the villa is renowned for its architectural beauty and picturesque setting.

The property includes a stunning garden that extends along the lakefront, offering visitors a peaceful retreat with panoramic views of Lake Como and the surrounding mountains.

Villa Melzi’s garden is a botanical masterpiece, featuring a harmonious blend of exotic and native plants, statues, and charming pathways. Notable elements within the garden include the Moorish Pavilion, the Egyptian Temple, and the enchanting cypress-lined avenue.

While the villa remains a private residence, the gardens are open to the public.

Tip: do a boat trip on your honeymoon on Lake Como

When you are spending your honeymoon in Lake Como, a must do is a boat trip on the Lake. It is the best way to explore the stunning landscapes, charming little towns and beautiful villas. Boating on the lake will be one of the most romantic experiences during your honeymoon for sure!

Lake Como has an extensive network of public ferries that connect various towns around the lake. These ferries provide a convenient and affordable means of transportation, allowing visitors to hop between locations while enjoying the beautiful views. Major towns such as Como, Bellagio, Varenna, and Tremezzo are well-connected by regular ferry services. Of course you can visit al these towns by car, however there is only a two-lane road along the lake. So on busy days, you can often find yourself in traffic. And let’s not even mentioning the parking problems in the small towns.

For a more magical and a romantic honeymoon experience, I recommend the classic wooden boats. These are also a must during a honeymoon photoshoot. Romance guaranteed!

A boat trip on Lake Como, Italy, during your honeymoon is a must do.

Luxury hotel tips for your honeymoon in Lake Como

Lake Como offers plenty of excellent hotel options. I can imagine that it can be a bit overwhelming. So to help you with your honeymoon planning, I’ve curated a list of five recommendations for your stay.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Located in Tremezzina, Hotel Tremezzo is one of the best hotels on Lake Como. A perfect choice for your honeymoon. One of the unique features of the hotel is its floating pool on the lake! This infinity pool offers an extraordinary experience with stunning views of Lake Como.

And let’s talk about the food! At the hotel there are five distinct bars and restaurants. Whether you seek a formal experience or a more relaxed setting, chic ambiance, or a fun atmosphere, there’s always a culinary haven to match your mood.

Stay at het Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como for your honeymoon

Villa D’Este

Villa d’Este is a legendary luxury hotel located in Cernobbio. Renowned for its historical significance and stunning gardens. Villa d’Este is considered one of the most exclusive hotels in the world.

Built in the 16th century, this former summer residence of a cardinal was turned into a luxury hotel in 1873.  Surrounded by romantic gardens, the old-world property includes a pool on the lake.

Villa d’Este is known for its intimate and exclusive atmosphere, offering a tranquil retreat for those seeking luxury, privacy, and a taste of the Italian dolce vita.

Mandarin Oriental

Like many properties on Lake Como, the Mandarin Oriental may feature well-maintained gardens and outdoor spaces where guests can unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings. The hotel offers 75 guestrooms, suites and private Villas set amongst nine distinguished buildings, allowing for more privacy.

Featuring the most stunning and serene decor, this five-star hotel offers a garden and a floating pool.

Hotel Villa Cipressi

Another elegant and charming hotel with stunning gardens is Villa Cipressi. This villa is located in the most romantic town Varenna and dates back to the 15th century. Its terraced gardens offer panoramic views of the lake and are adorned with cypress trees, citrus plants, and colorful flowers. Completely remodeled in 2018, Villa Cipressi offers the comfort, elegance and charm of one of the most beautiful historic Villas on Lake Como.

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

A five-star lakeside resort, situated at a prime location in Bellagio. The hotel has a rich history dating back to the late 19th century. Over the years, it has hosted royalty, celebrities, and notable figures, contributing to its esteemed reputation.

A photoshoot for your honeymoon in Lake Como

As a European wedding photographer I think Lake Como is one of the most enchanting places in Europe for a photoshoot. If you visit Lake Como without seizing the chance for a photoshoot, it would be definitely a missed opportunity.

I would love to hop on a video call with you and discuss all the great possibilities. Plan your call here.

In the meantime, check out this beautiful anniversary session at Villa Balbiano, one of my most favorite Lake Como villas, here.

Tips for your honeymoon in Lake Como

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